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That’s why we have taken some time to give you some good advice and expel some common myths.

Q. What is a Transponder key?

A. A key, which contains a device often called a “chip”, which communicates with the vehicles immobilizer. A chip may be as thin as a matchstick and less than a centimeter in length, which is why it can be hidden inside the plastic head of the key. A transponder chip will communicate with the immobiliser using a radio signal therefore there is no need for an electrical contact to take place between the key blade and the ignition barrel. A transponder chip does not contain or require a battery. It is powered by the radio signal received from the car. A car key does not have to be remote control   to be a transponder “chipped” key. A transponder key can be a plain plastic headed key with no external signs of the contents. We carry special detectors to identify transponders inside the key heads.

Q. Can a key be re-used?

A. In very early transponder systems the keys and chips could be used on other cars therefore second hand chips could sometimes save money. From about 1999 most chips would “lock” when programmed to the car rendering them useless in the second hand market. Keys produced after 2000 are all highly sophisticated and cannot be re-used.

Q. Can I buy a key on Ebay and have it programmed?

Yes there should be no problem if you buy from a reputable source however please be aware of the following. Some sellers steal keys particularly from auctions and other car outlets, change the blade and sell the key as new on the Internet. These keys will not program into your car because their chips are locked. There are many varieties of chips in use and some manufacturers change types midway through production. You may get a good deal on the Internet then find that the chip is wrong for your car. Try getting your money back once the key has been cut? If you have bought a key from the Internet but are unsure how to proceed please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us for assistance. Auto Locksmiths like myself are happy to program your own key under the following conditions. You will pay the quoted price regardless of the outcome. If the key is locked or wrong the Auto Locksmith has still carried out the procedure even though it may not start the car.

Warranty? You should consider when buying a key from the Internet, who will cover your warranty. The vendor may try to blame the programmer whilst the programmer insists the key is at fault. You should buy your key from the people who carry out the programming therefore leaving no doubt as to who will honor your warranty.

Q. My car won't start and my mechanic says it's the key. Can you recode it for me?


Yes we are happy to “recode” your key under the following conditions. Please be aware that the quoted price will be payable regardless of the outcome. We are asked to recode keys everyday because somebody has run out of ideas as to why the car won't start. We are not in the business of diagnosing cars that won't start. If you feel it may be connected to the key then we will be happy to assist you by email or phone but will only attempt a recode once we have established reasonable grounds and agreed a fixed price.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help.